Little Puppy Handicapped from Dog-bite but Her Mental is Strong and She is a warrior

Meet Squiggle, a little fighter. Despite being attacked by another dog and suffering a broken spine, she has remained positive and friendly.


Spending two months at the vet hasn’t dampened her spirits – the more enthusiastic she becomes, the faster she moves.

Squiggle’s mom recently introduced her to a back leg harness, which has been a game-changer. Squiggle is now overjoyed when she sees the harness, as it helps her walk with ease.

Despite her challenges, Squiggle continues to inspire everyone she meets with her indomitable spirit. Her unwavering positive attitude and zest for life are a testament to the resilience and determination that all dogs possess.


Her story has touched the hearts of many and serves as a reminder that even when faced with adversity, we should never lose hope or give up. Squiggle’s bravery and fortitude have earned her the nickname ‘little warrior,’ and she continues to demonstrate why she deserves this title every day.

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