Little Girl Stares Into The Eyes Of A Dying Dog, But Then THIS Happens–Just Incredible!

Rescue From The Hart is a non-profit, animal rescue group based in Los Angeles. Together with local & global communities, they work to raise awareness, effect change, & end pet overpopulation.

Just recently, they were contacted about a severely abused dog. The poor dog was intentionally starved by a cruel person. This dog was at the brink of death; she was just skin and bones when they rescued her. She was so malnourished that her organs started shutting down.

They named the poor dog Angel. Sadly, Angel was dying. Only a miracle could save her.

Many volunteers came to support Angel and give her hope. One of them was this sweet little girl.

Angel may have little hope in surviving, but Rescue From The Hart didn’t give up on her. Watch the video below and see how they saved this sweet dog.

Awwww…look how healthy and happy Angel is after she recovered! Just look at that smile! Isn’t she beautiful?

As for the person who abused Angel, Rescue From The Hart posted a photo on their Instagram account saying that the woman was arrested.

We are so happy that Angel found a loving forever home! We hope that she will live a long, healthy, and happy life with her new family!

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