Kind-hearted guy rescues a scared dog and makes him trust in humans and love again

Kola Kariola is a dedicated animal lover from Romania who rescues and helps animals in need. He and his wife are both very charming people who treat animals very kindly. Kola owns an own YouTube channel which is full of videos in which he rescues animals.

Last year, Kola spotted a very terrified looking dog on the side of the road and immediately knew he had to help. When he then approached to the dog, he was very upset to witness what had happened to the poor dog. He was very thin, there was nearly just skin and bone left, because he was abandoned and starving since many days.

Kola surely wasn’t the first person to see this poor dog like this, but apparently, he was the only good-hearted person that knew he had to help. So, thanks to his big heart, Kola took the dog home and since then cared for him.

But it was obvious that due to terrible things that happened to him in the past the poor dog was still afraid of people. Even after he was taken to a safe place, he still couldn’t manage to trust anyone and was very scared. Kola then tried to give the poor dog a bath in order to remove the dirt and mud from his body.

One at a time he gave the dog kisses and cuddles in order to gain his trust and make him feel safe. The dog then slowly started to trust Kola more and more and felt much more comfortable.

After a cleaning bath, Kola also provided food to eat for the dog and of course a warm and cozy sleeping spot. After seeing how kind Kola is to him, the dog slowly came out of his shell and showed his very sweet and loving personality. Today the dog finally has the loving home and great family he always deserved.

We still can’t understand how people can be so cruel to those poor and helpless animals and why they abandon them. No animal deserves to suffer like this. We are happy that there are people like Kola who dedicate their life to rescuing poor animals like this dog. This once again shows us that there is nothing like a bad dog, but there clearly are very bad and heartless humans.

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