Journey to save a poor, abused puppy who was scared and whimpered when we found out about it.vl

Clear the stage for Keena – the loveliest, happiest, most selfless dog alive (at least according to her adoptive mother, Sarah)!

The dog is found lying abandoned on the street with a broken leg.

But thanks to Sarah and Breana of Fresno Humane Animal Services, the gentle dog gets a new chance — and makes Sarah’s entire office staff smile in the process.

“Just a brown lump”

She’s little more than a brown lump in the middle of an orchard when Breana and her team find Keena.

“I was amazed that she was still alive , ”

Breana comments on the find. One hind leg is broken. Only the eyes move. Keena’s life energy is running dangerously close to zero.

The cause? According to Breana, probably a collision with a car.

“Just a brown lump”

As carefully as possible, the team lifts the seriously injured dog into a transport box with the help of a towel and takes her to the clinic.

A ray of hope for Keena

Shortly afterwards, Keena finds a temporary home with Sarah and her young son.

The boy’s immediate empathy is evident in the touching sentence

“She needs a good home!”

Expression. Full of compassion, he crouches next to the dog, who lies on the floor next to him with her legs bandaged.

But the beginning is not easy because Keena is emaciated and anxious.

Sarah patiently tries to gain the trust of her protégé.

A ray of hope for Keena

After four weeks the big moment finally comes: Keena starts walking again! Another four weeks later and she’s frolicking around the garden like a clumsy fawn.

A ray of hope for Keena

Sarah and her son are thrilled. And Keena is also gaining more and more confidence. The relationship she builds with the boy is just sweet.

Keena lets him lead her on a leash and her tail is in a constant wagging motion.

“It is an indescribable feeling to be able to help an animal that has suffered so much and to see it flourish” ,

says Sarah happily.

Every week, the adoptive mother organizes the so-called “Foster Friday”, where one of her foster dogs is allowed to pick up a bunch of cuddles in the office.

And Keena is definitely the star!

Star in the office

Now Keena is still waiting for a forever home – preferably without stairs.

Perhaps she will find a new home among the users behind the comments? Anyway, Keena’s story is getting a lot of traction on YouTube:

“What a sweet girl! She finally found people who fight for her when she had already given up.”

“She is such an inspiration because despite everything she has been through, she still fights to live and give love.”

Click here for the video of Keena’s touching story:

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