Injured Puppy Receives His Initial Warm Bath Following Rescue from a Dog-Fighting Ring.nh

A real estate agent who took a wrong turn ended up finding what appears to be a dumping ground for dog fighters and discovered one dog alive!


Casey Lawrence, a real estate agent in Rock Hill, found the injured Pit Bull in the woods after getting lost while showing a property. After being used as a bait dog by dog fighters, the dog was discarded and left to die. He was surrounded by animal carcasses and bones!

Фото: CARE Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency / Facebook

Fortunately, Casey found the dog, now known as Rambo, in time! Rambo was rushed to the Baxter Veterinary Clinic. Rambo was covered in bite marks and lacerations, and his leg wounds were infected with gangrene.

Фото: CARE Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency / Facebook

The staff at the clinic got to work trying to save Rambo’s life. They cleaned his wounds gently.

Фото: CARE Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency / Facebook

They gave him antibiotics and IV fluids while closely monitoring him. Rambo was sitting up and wagging his tail after two days. He also showed an interest in eating, much to the delight of his veterinarians.

Фото: CARE Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency / Facebook

Unfortunately, Rambo is not yet out of the woods. His right back leg was severely injured and had to be amputated.

Rambo was transferred to Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE) for further treatment due to the severity of his injuries.

“Both hind limbs have likely suffered trauma due to ties around his ankles,” CARE wrote on Facebook. “Despite the abuse he has endured, he is a trooper who will wag his tail and give kisses.”


The doctors are hoping to save Rambo’s left leg, which is currently “in limbo.”

Rambo is being cared for by Every Life Matters Animal Rescue during his recovery. In a stroke of luck, realtor Casey happens to be a board member for the rescue! After Rambo’s first surgery, they wrote the following update on YouCaring: “He’s been very out of it today due to the anesthesia, but he knows you’re there, and when you leave, he puts his paw up for you to return.”

The rescue hopes that police will investigate the area where Casey found Rambo to determine who is responsible for the illegal activities.

Meanwhile, Rambo’s rescuers are crossing their fingers that he will continue to improve! He’s such a trooper!

Rambo’s certainly living up to his namesake as a tough guy. Despite all that he’s been through, he’s still keeping his head up, with plenty of kisses to spare. He won’t give the people who did this to him the satisfaction of going out with a whimper.

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