In Botswana, a trapped genet made a heart-pounding leap to escape a chasing leopard up a tree.

In a heart-pounding moment witnessed by safari guide Rodger Bowren in the Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana, nature unveiled one of its breathtaking dramas. A leopard, driven by instinct and hunger, pursued a trapped genet up a tree, forcing the small-spotted genet to make a daring escape attempt that would leave anyone in awe.


Both the leopard and the genet are nocturnal creatures, known for their prowess in tree-climbing. Seeking refuge in the branches of tall trees is a common strategy for them to evade other predators. However, in this particular encounter, the genet seemed to underestimate the skills of a young leopard.

Rodger Bowren, a 32-year-old private safari guide, recounted the unforgettable moment. “After tracking a leopardess, we stumbled upon her two sub-adults playfully interacting with each other. Something in a dead leadwood tree caught their attention, puzzling my guests and me. As the young male leopard stealthily approached the tree, we soon realized what was unfolding—a startled genet they had spotted.”


The genet found itself at the pinnacle of the tree, uncertain about its next move. Yet, as the leopard continued its pursuit, the genet decided to take an extraordinary leap of faith to escape its relentless pursuer.

“It was honestly a sighting I will remember for a long time,” said Bowren. “I never expected the leopard to scale almost 10 meters just for a genet. The genet hit the ground and raced toward a hole in the ground, with the sub-adult female leopard hot on its heels. Miraculously, it managed to survive the ordeal.”


The daylight encounter added an extra layer of rarity to this mesmerizing wildlife spectacle. Such events serve as a reminder of the incredible adaptations and strategies that creatures like leopards and genets employ to survive in the wild.

This thrilling episode in the Mashatu Game Reserve is a testament to the captivating and unpredictable nature of wildlife. It’s a vivid reminder that even in the animal kingdom, survival often hinges on daring leaps of faith.

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