Hit By A Car And Living In Fear, Rescue Team Gives Hope To This Sweet Dog

The wonderful people of Hope for Paws have once again saved another dog’s life. This time it was an injured Chihuahua that they named Amy.

Hope for Paws received a call about a Chihuahua who has been hit by a car and is hiding under a shipping container. The little dog was injured and for weeks she has been hiding under there. When Eldad and Lisa got to the area, they found the dog still hiding under the shipping container. They also saw that the poor thing had serious injuries.

Eldad thought of a way to reach her and coax her out from hiding. But this little dog was too terrified of humans. Watch the video below and see how Eldad and Lisa rescued this injured little Chihuahua.

Thanks to Hope For Paws, Amy’s injuries were treated. She now lives in a foster home, and she has learned to trust humans. The terrified little dog has now become a sweet and loving pooch!

Share this video and help Amy find a loving forever home.

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