Helpless, Sick And Abandoned Puppy In The Moor Is Exhausted

A lovely woman found an abandoned dog in the deserted field. His name is Alberto! He was lying helpless in a box.

Everything seemed to be over for him. Who could have such a broken heart to do such a thing? He took her to a local clinic. Albeto, she called him. The vet removed the worms and gave him first aid.

They are still treating the dog. His eye wich had a worm in it got saved. Everyone was happy to hear that he didn’t lose it.

Look at this precious dog.

His treatment made everybody so happy!

The woman insisted to stay at Albertos side. He got better day by day.

Helpless in a cardboard box in the middle of nowhere, this angel might have felt hopeless. But love keeps hope alive.

Watch Albertos full story in the video below and share his story with your family and friends!

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