Heartless Couple Decide To Euthanize Their Dog Even Though He Was Healthy

Singapore couple decided to end the life of a puppy justifying the birth of their baby and the fear that he could harm him. Animal advocates have shown their outrage at the situation and want justice to be done soon.

About two years ago Loki was adopted by a family that was apparently going to give him love for the rest of his days. But the story changed when the couple recently decided to end his life, even though he was completely healthy.

Before being adopted, the puppy was cared for by Singapore’s Exclusively Mongrel Limited (EML), an organization that now regrets allowing Loki to be a part of the insensitive couple’s home.

Loki was about to turn three in two months, and he was “put to sleep” by the organization because he bit one of the adopters, as well as a girl, and the couple she feared it would harm her newborn baby.

Couple euthanizes their dog even though it was healthy

The organization said: They could have at least given us back Loki. We would have done anything to f

Given what happened, the Member of Parliament (MP) Louis Ng is requesting stricter regulations regarding the care that people must have with their pets to prevent these types of acts from occurring, especially when the animal is healthy.

Without a doubt, before considering animal sacrifice, people should consider a possible number of alternatives.

Louis Ng said that those who want to put down an animal due to bad behavior should show proof that they have hired a trainer and have the trainer certify that they intend to do everything possible to train the animal.

Furthermore, veterinarians should wait at least a week before euthanizing to give them a chance to be adopted into a new family or for people to consider whether this is the right decision.

Animal rights activists, for their part, have expressed outrage after Loki’s plight went viral.

Some Internet users have identified and revealed Loki’s adoptive parents’ identities, causing their Facebook profiles to be deleted.

The report against the couple and the veterinarian who assisted in the heinous crime has been filed with the appropriate authorities, and everyone is hoping that justice will be served.

Mr. Theng Wei Gan, Director of Exclusively Mongrels Limited , had this to say addressing the puppy’s adoptive parents: “If you are reading this, one day your daughter will ask you, like all children, if she can have a dog, and you will remember Loki. They won’t be able to look her in the eyes and tell her that they killed him in cold blood for her.”

Jessica Kwok, Animal and Veterinary Services (AVS) Group Director, NParks, told MotherShip that AVS is aware of the incident and is investigating it.

It is illogical, according to the organization, that the couple gave birth to their baby and then decided to end the life of this puppy, who was healthy and could have improved his behavior to live with the people he loved.

They gave life and in return they ended up with another.

Denyse Elizabeth, who knew Loki, claimed to have offered to help the couple in November 2019 when they told her about the dog’s aggressive behavior, but they finally decided to euthanize without informing anyone.

Denyse concluded her statement by saying the following: “There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.”

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