Firefighter Reunites 11 Year Old Kid With His Missing Dog In Touching Viral Video

Pets become part of the family and when they go missing, it can be heartbreaking.

11-year-old Leandro was left in shambles after his pooch, Mili, went missing from his home in Brazil. Leandro and his family searched high and low for Mili however fruitless.

Word started to spread out about her disappearance, but Leandro was starting to lose hope of seeing his best friend again.

When a firefighter throughout town came across a dog that appeared to be lost, he can’ve left her alone or taken her to the shelter. Rather, he wanted to locate the pup’s proprietor and reunite them if possible. The firefighter started asking about and quickly heard about Leandro and his missing dog, Mili.

Having a suspicion that the missing dog he found could be Mili, the firefighter drove all the way to Leandro’s house and found the boy resting outside crying. The tears soon turned from broken heart to joy when Leandro found Mili.

Leandro quickly grabbed Mili and provided her the greatest hug! It appeared like he was never ever going to release her again.

The world could use more Good Samaritans who go out of their way to do the right point. The firefighter could’ve easily carried on his way or passed the canine off to someone else, but his commitment to rejoining the shed dog with its proprietor brought so much joy to a small boy’s heart.

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