Dog Who Went Missing For Months Couldn’t Stop Crying When His Owner Finds Him

A cute dog called Coco had escaped his home in the for about three months leaving his family very worried. The family never loose up hope as they search everywhere for him but to no avail. However, they said that they had hope that they’d meet again one day.

Rustico Samson Jr., Coco’s owner, said that they were in so much pain and so much sorrow as the dog is family not just a pet. He added that he would search for him every day without losing his hope. Thankfully, his efforts were paid as his dog was seen at a parking garage but he was somehow stray.

So, the owner directly rushed to the garage to see if the dog was Coco! And he was over the moon when he saw his dog who came running towards him.

The reunion was very emotional as Coco, who was grubby and skinny when he was found, started crying without stopping. Thankfully, he is now back to live with his family and he is expected to be healthy again. What an emotional reunion! Watch the video below.

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