Dog Operated On The Eyes Manages To See His Owner For The First Time And His Face Says How Much He Loves Her

After losing his sight at the age of 1, this little friend saw again thanks to his owner spending all her savings on a cataract operation.

The stories of blind dogs are usually quite moving, since most of them never recover their sight, but there are some that fortunately do manage to do so. A sweet video captured the moment a dog saw the outside world for the first time after surgery, and it’s absolutely adorable to watch.

The video, posted by u/SnuzieQ on Reddit, features her 4-year-old Pomeranian and Maltese mix.

The dog is wearing the “cone of shame,” which has a special screen over the front to protect his eyes. The fur around his eyes has been surgically shaved, allowing the pup to better take in his surroundings.

The dog’s owner explained in the comments that the dog had cataracts from the time he was adopted around the age of one.

“[Cataracts] have progressively gotten worse and have rendered him mostly blind (though he could still get around quite well and see a tiny bit out of the corners of the retina) for at least a year,” they added.

It’s not easy to live with limited vision, so it was a special moment to see the dog see the world for the first time after surgery. He took in his surroundings slowly, carefully inspecting everything around him.

It wasn’t long before the video went viral, and hundreds of people commented on the post, praising the owner for being a wonderful dog parent.

Because not every pet can regain his or her vision after it has been lost, we can only imagine how happy both the dog and his owner were when the surgery was successful!

You can watch the moment yourself in the video below:

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