Cruel couple whose dogs looked like ‘walking skeletons’ after being chained up in a carport avoid jail – but there’s a happy ending for the pets

A young couple who starved their two dogs until they were little more than skin and bone have avoided jail but fined thousands of dollars.  

An RSPCA inspector found the dogs suffering from starvation and chained up in a carport in Yerecoin, 156km northeast of Perth, in June last year.

A five-year-old Rhodesian ridgeback-staghound cross named Lola and adopted sister two-year-old staghound cross named Ollie were found with their bones visible.

Ollie weighed just under 18kg while Lola weighed 17kg, the Moora Magistrates Court heard.

RSPCA WA inspector manager Kylie Green said she had never seen such starved dogs before.

‘It was truly shocking to see the condition these beautiful dogs were in – they were like walking skeletons,’ she told 7 News.

She said little Ollie already suffered a hard life before being rescued – but then unwittingly put into the care of the cruel couple.

‘Ollie was actually a rescue dog, which means he had already had a rough start to life,’ she said.

‘To have placed his trust in a new owner and be let down so badly is utterly heartbreaking.’

However with some tender love and care – and lots of food – Lola and Ollie were able to make a speedy recovery.

Both dogs have since been adopted and are living with loving families.

The couple pleaded guilty to charges under the Animal Welfare Act 2002 of failing to provide adequate food for the dogs.

A 22-year-old woman and a 25-year-old man were both fined $4,000, ordered to pay costs of $1,102, and banned from owning or having contact with animals for 10 years.

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