Blind Beagle Was Alone In The World Until He Met His New Mom

Shep the beagle was found wandering along the side of the road in Alabama, disoriented and alone. He suffered from severe injuries: One of his eyes was damaged, as was his neck, and his other eye was missing completely.

Shep was taken in by Two By Two Rescue, which posted about the 5-year-old dog on Facebook – and that’s how his new mom found out about him.

“I saw Shep’s photo one night and immediately knew we belonged together,” Micah Larsen Brannon, Shep’s mom.

A local vet determined that poor Shep had most likely been tied up and neglected for quite some time before he was found. His remaining eye was oozing and had become infected, causing Shep much pain.

Shep was later taken to see an eye specialist, who determined that his remaining eye was far too damaged and would need to be removed – leaving Shep permanently blind.

“We don’t know how long his injuries went untreated, so there’s really no telling how long he has been fully blind,” Brannon said. Shep, however, seems completely unfazed by his lack of sight.

Now 8 years old, Shep is loving his new life and simply could not be happier. He has very little problem getting around, and can do anything he sets his mind to.

“After his eye was removed and he was brought into a loving home, he became this amazing, fully functioning dog,” Brannon said. “I really don’t think he knows he is blind.”

Shep loves to play outside …

… lounge around the house …

… and hang out with his awesome rescue siblings.

“Shep has brought so much entertainment and love into my life,” Brannon said. “He has a huge personality and a huge heart.”

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