Because Get Sick, Heartless Owner ʟᴇғт 3 Puppies Without Mother On The Street!

We found 3 puppies without mother wandering in the middle of the street . It seem they are sick and someone heartless people ʟᴇғт them there.

Of course they can not suʀvιvᴇᴅ there, many dangerous from car with high speed, without foods, water. I take 3 puppies to the Vet.

Unfortunately when it was taken temperature, blood appeared on the thermometer, and it was done immediately parvo test…positive, as expected.

We start treatment and we hope that 3 boys aged 6-8 weeks to be fighters and defeat disease. I beg you all to neutered the dogs and to stop abandonment! You have no idea how much suffering is behind this indifference

Off 3 puppies infected with parvo, only one has suʀvιvᴇᴅ until today. I spent hours with them, hours of helplessness that I couldn’t do anything to alleviate their suffering.

I kept hoping they will suʀvιvᴇ all and that will get rid of these terrible pains…unfortunately,
the doctor was absolutely right when he told me:

if one of them get rid, it”s still a good thing in the state they shows”.

NowI will do my best to save this “little soldier”, who continue to fight even if his brothers “нᴀvᴇ ԍoɴᴇ” to a better world.

If we’re a Christian nation, then to demonstrate through deeds of humanity…not by indifference and abuse on these innocent souls.

“Little soldier” raise this morning and start to eat with appetite, after so many days without drinking even water.

Day 20: “Little soldier”, has a new Home, a new Family. I wish them all the best! Little Solder Happy in new Home


Thanks all for your alway support!

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