Beaten And Abandoned, The Poor Dog Was No Longer Trusted, But Everything Has Changed

This dog had been beaten and left alone, abandoned: luckily the volunteers turned his whole existence around.

We’ve told you many stories about abandoned and mistreated animals. This little dog had been beaten and abandoned, and he was in a lot of pain and discomfort. His story is told in pictures. The little guy was clearly a family dog, but he had been abandoned at some point.

Maybe he’d been uncomfortable, maybe he’d just never been loved. In fact, a bad hand left him on the road. And the consequences are clear: the abused and distrustful dog is aggressive even toward those who want to bring him to safety. But first, let’s tell to her story.

After reporting, the volunteers went to a park. A woman had spotted the little dog wandering there, but was unable to approach him because he was aggressive. The park in question is beautiful, big and green, and the dog had taken refuge there, in the wild, perhaps to get away from people after what he had been through.

After an investigation, volunteers spotted the dog wandering in the bushes. As comfortable as he was, he looked lost. So, one of the kids from the rescue team “chased” him trying to get close to him. Unfortunately, the first approach failed: the dog growled, barked, and threatened to bite. Only after a few attempts and some food did the little one let go.

He was taken to the vet where it was determined that the dog had been beaten and abandoned. Underneath the white fur were signs of beatings, bruises and wounds, as well as infections. The dog became friendly after being washed and trimmed.

He realized that the people around him were there for him and that, this time, they wouldn’t hurt him. The dog is now finally happy and has even been adopted. All’s well that ends well!

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