Astonishing Archaeological Find: Massive Prehistoric Fish Fossil Discovered, Shaking the Foundations of Our Understanding of Earth’s Past.SE

The Paleontology program at the North Dakota Geological Survey maintains the North Dakota State Fossil Collection, which is the official state repository for fossils and associated data, and operates an extensive field and classroom based educational outreach program. Their offices are in the North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum (Bismarck, 100 miles east of Dickinson), which includes exhibits on the paleontology and geology of North Dakota..

The North Dakota State Fossil Collection consists of tens of thousands of plant, invertebrate, and vertebrate fossils from Cretaceous through Pleistocene rocks in North Dakota. Research visits to the collections are encouraged but space is limited, and all visits must be arranged prior to the symposium. Collections visits will not be possible between September 13th and September 15th.

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