As A Dog Tries To Break Free From A Rattlesnake She Latches Onto And Bites Him 5 Times

Toad is a German Shorthaired Pointer. Ilovemydogsomuch reported: ,,He was walking outside near his home in Kuna, Idaho, when he encountered a rattlesnake. The rattlesnake caught it and bit the poor dog five times.”

,,As I approached, I saw a snake circling in the air. When I got closer, I held him between me and the snake. As I tried to catch it i made a big mistake because there were more snakes.” owner Fritz Brownell told KTVB.

His owners quickly took him to the vet, but unfortunately the poison had already taken effect. He started bleeding from his lips and gums. The vets quickly examined him. He has found out that he had been bitten on both sides of his face and several times on his left front paw. The vets immediately gave him a dose of antidote for the swellings. His owners were scared that he would not survive, but fortunately he did.

Thankfully Toad continues to recover. His owners are warning other pet owners to be careful of their surroundings where rattlesnakes may be found. Idaho Fish and Game recommends keeping dogs on leashes when walking in the desert fringes.

Watch the video of the poor dog and share his story with your family and friends!

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