After his owner passed away, his neighbors referred to him as “a skeleton with legs,” but no one assisted him.

Dogs are some of the most beloved and loyal animals, they will stay with their owners, giving them unconditional loyalty. That’s why when their owners pass away, pets are truly devastated and there is little that can be done to mend their broken hearts.

It’s a movie about a 12-year-old boxer puppy named Guizmo. He lived with his family for many years, but little by little fate struck him the most. Years ago her master died, and her devastated husband followed her two years ago . So his children were adopted by a family cousin in a town far from his home, but the poor little dog was left helpless.

The events took place on Rue Molinel and Le Clos des Vignes, in the town of Wasquehal, northern France.

After wandering the streets alone, and always hanging around in a place that was once happy, Guizmo eventually fell into a state of blame.

His condition, two years after his owner’s death, became so heartbreaking that residents of the Molinel neighborhood recognized him on the street and called him “a skeleton with legs”.

“Every time I see it, I cry, Guizmo is heartbroken when I see it. It is only skin and bones, it will soon be a deaf and mute skeleton,” lamented a neighbor.

When they contacted the family cousin, he never revealed why he wasn’t sent to a shelter, leaving him with his own equipment. He assures that although his children are his priority, he returns every morning to feed them. He said he tried to take it with him but he always ended up running away and returning to his old home.

“I can’t deal with that anymore. I think he’s better off here than in a shelter, locked in a cage all day. At least there, take advantage of nature. My cousin’s children also come to visit him when they can,” the man said.

However, the relative’s statements are not shared at all with the neighbors, who say that he is lying and now, alarmed, they have requested the intervention of the Police and contacted a local veterinarian to attend to the puppy.

Guizmo can usually be found on the street begging people for crumbs, or eventually in his old house, as if waiting for his owner to return.

Gaunt and sad, he can’t get over the death of his owner

Some neighbors take turns bringing him food and hugging him, but they see that the dog’s condition is getting worse and worse, probably because of the sadness that consumes him.

“He doesn’t even have the strength to bark anymore… Even if he was in a cage, there would be a human presence, he would benefit from walks several times a day and he would also have hugs, ” a neighbor said of the idea that he would ultimately be better off in a municipal shelter.

Since the case went viral, the networks were quick to react indignantly. “How sad! Why wait so long to help him already seeing him in such a pitiful state? … Asking for help after two years … Inadmissible!”, wrote a user.

“It’s too late when they remember the poor animal, it’s still in the bones, why doesn’t anyone feed it? That shows indifference to the pain of others that affect this society, they are dead, but from the soul! ”, commented another Internet user.

Now, neighbors hope that animal rescue organization LPA de Roubaix, which has taken over the case, can give poor Guizmo another chance.

Sharing this news to contribute to raising awareness, people need to be more sympathetic to the pain of innocent animals, it’s sad to know that there is so much insensitivity in the world. Then let’s not complain about everything that happens to us…

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