After Being Left to Fend for Herself, Mom Dog Had to Give Birth on the Street

It’s disheartening to learn that some people still feel dogs are toys, and that as they grow up and recognize the needs they must fill, they prefer to ignore that obligation, or worse, dump them to their fate. Females face an even more tragic scenario since, once they get pregnant, they are dumped out into the street with no regard for their well-being.

Because of the gravity of her position, the case of a pitbull dog became well-known. A social media post demonstrated how distressing it can be for an animal to be in this predicament. The dog was lying on a piece of cardboard, attempting to remain solid in order to give birth, but she had no option but to give birth in the middle of the street since some people were driving her away.

The positive aspect of this story is that her “guardian angel” arrived to assist her. The dog and her puppies were brought in and fed. They told their story as follows:

This sad mother bitch recently gave birth to a litter of puppies, some of which did not make it. Because it still contains a necklace, it was most likely abandoned some time ago. She’s frail, and she doesn’t have the care she needs to care for her newborn puppies.”

We return her family to their house. Thank goodness mom dog has a lot of milk to offer; after all, she eats three times a day and consumes one kilogram of liver at each meal.

“Look at how adorable and plump they’ve become!!
Our mother has enough of milk to give to her children.
Babies’ eyes have already been opened to the world.”

The pups were welcomed and placed for adoption with reputable families in this way.

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