Abused to the point of malnourishment and abandonment, the poor dog lies on the side of the road helpless full of flies and bugs, with no one to care for him. Hu

When the shelter staff arrived to carry out their weekly activity, they met Salvador, a Pitbull left abandoned and in poor condition. He had a major infection in his penis, a very bad general condition, fever, pus, and was malnourished and mistreated, full of ticks and flies. The staff couldn’t believe that a human being could do this to a helpless animal. They offered him food, and he started to eat, but they had to wait for his evolution.

After a few days, the staff named him Salvador, and he started to recognize and trust them. They took him to the vet for analysis and X-rays, not knowing if he had any injuries or fractures. After a week of treatment with anti-inflammatories, complex B, good nutrition, and mobility, Salvador surprised everyone by starting to walk, albeit with difficulty.

Day 48 was a milestone for Salvador, as he was finally adopted by a kind woman named Marina Cuadros. She had been the first to see him dying and had brought him delicious homemade food every day. Salvador could never forget her eyes, and he was gaining weight and very happy now. It was thanks to people who adopted with their hearts and got involved in spreading the word that Salvador found a forever home.

Salvador’s journey is a reminder of the importance of animal shelters and the care and love they provide to animals in need. It is also a testament to the resilience and strength of animals, who can overcome incredible hardships and find happiness again. We thank the shelter staff and Marina Cuadros for their dedication and love towards Salvador and other rescued animals. Let’s continue to support animal shelters and work towards a world where every animal can live a happy and healthy life.

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