A venerable, forsaken canine, abandoned and forsaken, suffers unrelenting agony, burdened by illness and neglect. nam

Vera’s Journey to a Happier Life

Vera, a once beloved member of a factory, wagged her tail happily as the workers went about their daily routines. She brought joy to the factory, but when it closed down, everyone left and abandoned her. No one took her with them, and she was left behind, ignored and forgotten. Despite being their source of happiness before, she was left to fend for herself in the abandoned factory, scared and alone at the age of 12, suffering from various illnesses.



Vera had a large, hard tumor on her mammary gland, most of her teeth had fallen out, her hearing and eyesight were poor, and her skin was inflamed from ticks. She struggled to find food in her weakened state. When she was rescued, she was filthy and infested with ticks. She was also anxious and panicked during her first bath, possibly her first ever. Despite being bathed three times, dirt and ticks were still stuck in her matted fur. However, she gradually calmed down and even smiled happily at her rescuers.

Vera was taken to the vet, where it was discovered that the tumor was benign, but her weak heart and heartworm made surgery a risky option. Instead, she was treated with milbemax and doxycycline to manage her heartworm. She was curious and liked exploring the vet’s office, but she was stressed and didn’t enjoy staying indoors for long periods of time. She only seemed calm and content when she was taken for walks.


Her journey to recovery was not without challenges. Vera needed patience and love to overcome her fears and anxieties. She was slowly introduced to other dogs, which helped her become more sociable and happier. The company of other dogs brought her comfort and joy, and she gradually became less stressed. Vera started to understand what it meant to live in a home and experience the love and care she deserved.

Although it’s uncertain how long Vera’s journey will last, her rescuer is committed to loving and caring for her every step of the way. Vera deserves a happy life, just like any other dog, and her rescuer is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of her journey. With love, patience, and compassion, Vera is ready for a new chapter in her life, where she can finally experience the joy of a loving home.

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