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Rescuing Sassy: A Heartbreaking but Inspiring Story of Survival

We received a report for help that broke our hearts. A poor soul was wandering the streets, afraid and alone, literally starving to death. When we found her, she was just 2.9 kilos, and we knew that we had to act quickly if we were going to save her.



We named her Sassy, and she was so close to death that we had to try everything we could to get her to eat. At first, she wouldn’t touch the aozi that we gave her, but when we gave her some chicken breast, she absolutely devoured it. We knew then that we had to get her more chicken to help her recover.

Over the next few days, Sassy’s condition remained critical, and she was eating only a little. We had to keep her on IV, and we did blood tests every day to see if her red blood cell count was improving. When we saw that it wasn’t, we decided to do a blood transfusion to save her life.

Despite all of these challenges, Sassy continued to fight. She started eating again, and we could hear the chomp chomp sound of her devouring her food. Every day, she gained a little more strength, and we could see her becoming more and more like the dog she was meant to be.


After a few weeks, Sassy was finally off IV, and we were amazed at how much she had grown. She had gained over a kilo in just a few days, and her appetite was increasing every day. She had even started to wag her tail when we talked to her, and we knew that she was going to make it.

Over the next few weeks, Sassy continued to improve. She became more active, and we could see that she was becoming very sassy indeed. She chased other dogs out of the office, and we knew that we had to start training her soon before she became too much to handle.


As the days went by, Sassy continued to thrive. She gained weight and transformed into a beautiful dog, and it was hard to believe that she had ever been weak and fragile. Looking at her now, we knew that we had done the right thing in rescuing her.

Sassy’s story is one of survival, of fighting against the odds to come out stronger on the other side. We are proud to have been a part of her journey, and we hope that her story will inspire others to never give up hope, no matter how bleak things may seem.


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