A sick dog is waiting for treatment – He is supported by another therapy dog. The image of two dogs has touched the hearts of 300,000 people around the world

If dogs are man’s best friends and we can’t help but drool every time we see them do cute things, their loss hurts us infinitely , so imagine our face when we met this wonderful “dogtor”. With his story we have decided to pay tribute to everyone for International Dog Day .

Janis, a Twitter user, shared a photo alongside the caption: “My friend’s vet has an assistant dog that helps sick patients know that everything will be okay and this is really all you need to see today.”

That’s right, this veterinarian from the United States has a little dog that accompanies other sick dogs and gives them all his love to calm them while they are being cured. As it could not be otherwise, social networks melted with this tweet that has already accumulated more than 93,700 retweets and 316,200 likes.

Furthermore, after the success of the publication, many other users took advantage of the tweet to share similar experiences they had had with dogs, helping their pets at the vet or even themselves; since according to a study by Purdue University (Indiana, United States) dogs could be the most effective solution to reduce problems such as anxiety in humans. 

This photograph has gone viral again a year and a half later

Isa Duncan, another Twitter user, recovered and republished this same image, which went viral again a year and a half later with more than 44,200 retweets and 255,300 likes. Yes, as if not… the photo is still just as cute, regardless of when you see it.

The tweeter shared it along with the text: “In the USA there is a veterinarian who has a dog only to calm other animals. His task is to let them know that everything is fine, he is practically a dogtor.” But, not only this, the creator of the tweet wrote another, in response to this one, where she said that in Germany there are dogs and cats that are taken to hospitals and nursing homes so that those who are there can pet them and play with them, and so be a little happier.

This time the publication has not only been filled with comments about how adorable this gesture is, but also memes have been very present in the responses. Especially those that have to do with the word game “dogtor”, which was what attracted the most attention on this social network.

However, other users like Agus have taken advantage of this publication to share stories they have experienced at the vet similar to the one this user tells: “A long time ago, I had a dog that needed a blood transfusion or she would die. She was there all night at the vet while another dog was donating blood and there was a cat that did exactly that, she curled up next to my dog ​​and stayed there. PS: Everything turned out perfect.”

That’s right, love conquers everything and these dog gestures are, without a doubt, an enormous lesson in empathy , which, once again, these animals have given us.

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