A poor puppy that lost its paw in the war but refuses to leave the house. Hu

The Resilient Fighter: Tuzlan’s Story

In June 2022, a soldier came across a dog in a war-torn village in Sloviansk, Ukraine. The village was deserted, with most people having evacuated. However, this dog was a special case. He had lost his paws in the war but had refused to leave his home, where he may have lost his owner. The soldier left food for the dog but was unable to take him along.

When help arrived, it was evident that the dog had been through a lot. His skin and muscles had rotted to the bone, and there was necrosis. Part of his paw hung separately, and the only solution was to amputate his legs. He needed special socks to prevent him from tearing his feet off.

Katya, a volunteer, stepped up and arranged for the dog’s transfer to a Kiev vet clinic. She drove all the way from Germany to get him, as there were not many volunteers due to the war. They were heartbroken to see that the dog’s house had been destroyed by a missile, but they were glad that he was still there when they arrived.

The first thing they did at the vet clinic was to trim his dirty hair. They named him Tuzlan after his first surgery. The next morning, Tuzlan showed resilience and fought back. He was then transferred to Germany, where he received better treatment for his paws. His stitches healed, and the bandage was removed. After a week, he showed significant improvement, and he became friendlier with his rescuer.

Tuzlan’s fighter spirit is evident, and there is hope that he will learn to run without wheels. However, he needs a forever home and someone to teach him to run again. Can you help this resilient fighter?

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