A police officer rescues a puppy trapped in a river tank and decides to take on the role of its father years later. Qynh

A call came to the St. Lucie Region Sheriff’s Office about a pup crying and whimpering down a septic drain, so, they directly rushed into the action to save the animal from drowning.

The puppy was rescued just in time. But what left the officers heartbroken was that many people passed by the pup without even trying to help him. James Getting, one of the policemen decided to adopt the pup as he had no place.

When the puppy was rescued, he was very exhausted and scared. The officers tried to calm him down, and bathed him many times till he became a brand-new dog.

Getting then took Puddle, the puppy, home, and they are now having a great time together. What a happy ending!

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