A Missing Puppy With A Broken Skull Surprises Vets When He Wakes Up Prepared For A New Life.

A 4-week-old female dog, suffering from a skull fracture causing severe discomfort and swelling, was found crying on the grass all alone. She only let out small moans.

The dog was very happy to be picked up because she knew that they were taking her to get help from her. Unfortunately, the only thing she knew was abuse and neglect. The vets took the dog, named Nuan, to the clinic for treatment.

She was given painkillers and intravenous fluids directly, and her wound was dressed. Fortunately, the dog began to improve and her head injury began to heal. Unfortunately, her legs were unresponsive, but the rescuers did their best to get her up on her own.

The rescuers hoped that Nuan would make a full recovery, as she is very brave. Fortunately, she is doing very well now, playing and running as she deserves. She can also go to a forever home as she is fully recovered.

Look the following video:

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