Aʙᴀɴᴅoɴᴇᴅ Dog Roams the Streets, Turning into a Skeletal Figure without a Place to Call Home

A Weimaraner dog in a severely emaciated state was discovered wandering in Anderson Township near Cincinnati by a kindhearted person who immediately took the dog to the Cincinnati Animal CARE shelter.

The shelter workers were shocked by the dog’s malnutrition, and the dog was given the name Hemingway and was provided with fluids to keep him alive.

Over the next few days, Hemingway’s muscles had weakened and he was unable to move, but with proper care and a special diet, he began to recover and showed signs of improvement. After gaining 18 pounds in four weeks, Hemingway’s caretakers were optimistic about his recovery and he was soon ready for adoption.

Hemingway was adopted by a family who recently lost their own Weimaraner, and he now has a bright future ahead filled with love and care. The origins of Hemingway’s emaciation remain unknown, but the shelter is working to piece together his history.


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